LIGANOVA has opened its first company in the United States in 2015. By launching LIGANOVA USA INC in San Francisco / Silicon Valley, the specialists’ topmost objective is to meet the increasing importance of digitalisation. "Founding our office in the Bay Area and the closeness to the digital zeitgeist in Silicon Valley is the next logical step in our mission to actively shape the connection of the digital with the static world,” explains Vincent Bodo Andrin, founder and managing director of LIGANOVA.

Using its proximity to Silicon Valley, Liganova USA will develop tailored software solutions for brands and businesses. This move enables LIGANOVA to expand their services for high-profile international clients with diverse demands.  


Daniel has lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 10 years, and has taken an active role in designing highly innovative technology solutions leveraging the adjacent technology hubs of Silicon Valley. Kellmereit brings a decade’s experience from Deutsche Telekom’s strategic advisory unit Detecon, running the North America business for eight years. Honing in on Connected POS, one of LIGANOVA’s key areas of expertise, his main objective is to actively shape the connection between the digital and the offline world. 

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Businesses are tapping into this new area of the ‘digital consumer’, and there is an urgent need to build a whole range of new products, services and business models.
Daniel Kellmereit
Daniel Kellmereit
Managing Director LIGANOVA USA

Connected POS

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CONNECTED POS is our answer to the current in-store digital experience: it is either non-existent or a complete feature overload. We barely ever see truly great customer experiences that blend digital and physical elements in an elegant, experience-driven way. At LIGANOVA, we are building cutting edge in-store experiences. We are experts in user experiences and technology. But we also have a huge pool of talented architects, interior designers and product designers at our disposal, as well as comprehensive in-house manufacturing capabilities. This enables us to create unique spaces and experiences

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